Official Website

Ok so. At long last I have a website for the project I’ve been working on for… two years? yikes.

So needless to say this has been a learning experience in addition to a massive undertaking. Note to future self “try” to make smaller games. Please.

The current state of the game is very different than what it once was. In the beginning it was meant to be puzzle rooms set in a space wreck. work your way out and find the mystery. that got scrapped pretty quick when I found I liked just moving around with the physics.

That developed towards more survival systems.

The movement and item physics changed a lot over time. I wanted the station to be confined to keep that feeling of claustrophobia (or as I call it: Comfortably small), but the room and door sizes caused issues with clipping and with items so I had to work out some more complex movements in addition to scrapped art assets.

over time I established I wanted to be able to travel between different small stations (debris clusters) scavenge the area and then move on. That gave me the player ship which started out as a cute little room with engines and a chair and is now growing into more of a small base as it became evident that moving items around in it was not fun.

The power network has been particularly annoying issue to me. Mainly because I’ve had issues getting it to function well, be bug-less and scale properly towards systems that use it.

Version 3 is in progress and changes all the conduit models to be spline based. This means I no longer have to make conduit models for ever room module, I can place conduits anywhere on the walls I want, and it also becomes an active part of gameplay more so than it was previously. It’s also much more complicated and buggy which is not ideal but if I can’t get something in that feels gamey I’m just going to have to stop calling it a game.

I’ve always had in mind that progressing toward rewards should require fixing broken components and reconnecting systems. The game is still on point towards that goal. I just need to try to scope better work towards the core fun.

One part of that fun has been the computer terminals which seems to be a very scale-able system as each program is it’s own UI interface and all file management and hard drive stuff is basically finished. The version 2 power manager program was a huge success and even gave a fun unexpected feature in which you could power off the console running the power manager.

For anyone who found and read this:

Thank you.
your support matters.

I care a great deal about this project and hope one day I can show you what I’ve been trying to make.