Procedural Networks

I expected finish off my conduit generation system on one long weekend. It didn’t work out and as you can see from this screenshot the debug abounds.

The system is good in theory. I sphere trace at defined points. build a network of connected ends. with those ends I can follow small segments of line from a start to a finish.

If the path goes the wrong way and reaches as ending it steps back to a saved past crossroads and tries another path.

From what I can tell it’s either stepping back when it shouldn’t or not getting the network it needs to keep moving forward. As of yet I don’t know why.

All my tests confirm there are no dead ends that shouldn’t be there and the network builds correctly. I can only assume my logic is faulty somewhere else.

Only thing to do is keep poking it until it gives up it’s secrets.


Update: Sometimes Remove Array Item and Remove Array Index can be used interchangeably. However Remove Array Item will remove ALL references of an item. Also, I guess, sometimes things which should be unique and not the same are actually the same thing????

Don’t know. It works. Doesn’t matter.